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Higher Quality, Higher Productivity, From The Most Advanced Technology.
Today’s market requires that you offer your customers more while keeping production costs at a minimum. With the Bestech Series, Akiyama is meeting your need for efficiency in short-run production, and combines it with the value-added enhancements that provide speed, quality, and flexibility.


Stable high-speed feeding, accurate registration, and smooth infeed on the widest range of stockpro3_07

mark3 The pickup sucker is a piston type that is mechanically actuated, ensuring stabilized sheet feeding at operating speeds up to 13,000 iph. Height adjustments can be safely and easily made during the run.

mark3 Unique air separation feature lets you run virtually any stock – from lightweight stock to cardboard – at maximum speed.

mark3 The forwarding suckers can also be adjusted up or down, left or right, independently, providing positive and scratch-free feeding of sheets from lightweight stock to cardboard.

mark3 Non-stop feeder is standard

mark3 A tape slowdown mechanism reduces sheet speed by 40% to ease sheets into the front steps.pro3_08

mark3 Venturi air gently assists sheet into the front headstops.

mark3 The swing mechanism has an upward motion allowing the swing to return to the front stops quickly after sheet transfer.

mark3 The result is longer lay time for sheet stabilization.

mark3 For special applications, optional features include static bars, air bars, and double sheet detector.


The Akiyama original cylinder configuration provides the following features:

mark3 Plate and blanket cylinders are normal size while the impression cylinder, which services two units has three working surfaces. The transfer cylinder has four working surfaces.

mark3 Sheet transport is enhanced by the large cylinders which subjects the sheet to less bending. By reducing bending, a wider range of stock thickness can be transported better than on smaller cylinders.

mark3 Large cylinders also permit printing four colors with only two transfers during the printing process, greatly reducing the possibility of distortion and marking.

mark3 The three-surface impression cylinder is large enough that the sheet is never in contact with two blankets at one time, further reducing distortion potential.

mark3 Delivery from the impression cylinder is made after the sheet is released from the last unit blanket. This feature eliminates distortion at the last unit and allows for Akiyama’s “drumless” delivery.

mark2Cylinder Grippers

mark3 Grippers and gripper bases are of ultra hardened steel for durability and accuracy of registration.

mark3 Needle bearings are used in the grippers on the impression and transfer cylinders, reducing friction between the gripper shaft and gripper holder.

mark3 The cylinder gripper tips are covered with a special material to prevent the possibility of a sheet slipping.



Control of ink/water balance

mark2Proven Inker

mark3 The field tested and proven Akiyama Inker System is configured to provide optimum control of ink and water to the plate using an integrated continuous dampening system.

mark3 Large diameter form rollers are a key element in the success of the Akiyama system.

mark3 Improved ink distribution on the plate is achieved with the application of three oscillator rollers in contact with the super large form roller.

mark3 Dampening solution feed to the plate is controlled by the operator at the delivery.

mark3 Individual unit ink ductor roller controls are located on the delivery.

mark2Temperture Controlled Inker

Ink train and plate temperature can be critical in some applications, especially when running waterless plates. In response, Akiyama offers a system that maintains proper temperature by circulating water through the ink oscillating rollers.

pro3_13mark2Automatic Ink Roller Wash-Up

Remotely Controlled by the Operator from the delivery panel, the Akiyama wash-up system is simple and saves time with control of solution application and wash-up tray.




Controls and functions for the operator’s convenience

mark2Akiyama Color Control(ACC)

The ACC console provides the operator with precise ink controls, lateral/circumferential register, storage of job information, and interface with other systems.


mark2Control Panel

The Delivery Control Panel, In Addition to normal drive controls, includes as standard:

mark3 Unit selection of ink and water operation
mark3 Water feed controls and Water Flood Button
mark3 Feeder and impression off controls
mark3 Control of he variable speed delivery sheet slowdown roller
mark3 Volume controls for the delivery blowdown fans
mark3 Safety monitor for observation of press conditions
mark3 Ink ductor controls
mark3 Monitor for infeed, feedboard, and feeder


Versatility and efficiency with increased productivity

Bestech also offers the versatility and efficiency of aqueous or UV in-line coating.pro3_20

Combined with Bestech’s unique cylinder configuration, a sheet can be coated with no additional transfer points. Extended delivery is standard with the system, providing ample space for IR or UV drying equipment.

The patented doctor blade continually removes all unused coating from the form roller, while fresh coating is supplied from the pan roller. The result is consistently smoother laydown.

Plus, Bestech offers a coating unit that can be off line without requiring clean-up.

It allows you to run coated and uncoated jobs in any sequence.

Fine lateral adjustment is made from a control on the operator’s side of the press, circumferential adjustment by a gear on the blanket cylinder. The nip adjustment between blanket and impression cylinders is easily regulated with Akiyama’s unique worm gear mechanism.


The benefits provided by these system features include:

mark3 Increased product value with the ability to furnish higher gloss and additional scuff resistance.

mark3 Faster turn-around time due to the drying characteristics of aqueous coatings.

mark3 Increased productivity with the elimination of racking and obtaining a coating in the same pass with printing.

mark3 Environmental improvement with the reduction or elimination of offset powder.

mark3 One-touch removal of the coating pan for easy cleaning.



Meeting the industry need for short runs and high productivity


1 Non-Stop Feeder
The auxiliary sheet holder facilitates continuous sheet feeding during the print run.

2 Sucker Air-Speed Follow-Up Mechanism

3 Feeder Static Eliminator System
This system removes static electricity from the sheets as they are delivered from the feeder.

3 Suction-Tape Feeder Table

3 Anti-Curl System in the Infeed Section
Air is supplied via the opening of the infeed section to prevent the sheet from traveling beyond the specified position, while at the same time the gripper side of the sheet is flattened.

2 Remote Plate Cocking
Plate cocking for registration is precisely controlled from the console by digital electronics. This system cocks only the plate, not the plate cylinder – the same way an operator would.


3 U-cut Registration system
Register pins used in conjunction with aligned plate indents make the Akiyama registration system easy and extremely accurate.


4 Automatic Racking Board Inserter
Racking board insertion at high speeds by one operator is made easy with the automatic inserter.


5 Automatic Blanket Washer
The optional blanket washers, which are controlled from the delivery, position the cloth web and then wash the blanket.


6 Labor Saving Configurations
To better meet the needs of printers today, Akiyama offers different levels of automation. Regardless of the configuration chosen, the benefit is reduced makeready time, enhanced productivity, and higher quality.


7 Akiyama Color Control (ACC)
The ACC console provides the operator with the capability of adjusting ink and water balance and precise control of lateral/circumferential running register. The ACC computer uses plate scanner output and its own internal programs for refined color control.

8 Paper Size Preset System
Sheet size adjustments for the feeder separator, feedboard tail wheels, side guide, and delivery tail and side joggers are made from the console.

9 Impression preset system
Paper caliper input adjustments are controlled from the console.

10 INK Roller Automatic Washing
Individual unit ink roller wash-up functions can be selected from the delivery panel.

0 Register Punch
Manual or motorized optical plate register punch for aligning image to register pins.


lg_bes 28

lg_bes 40

lg_bes 44

mark2Standard From Akiyama
High pile non-stop feeder
High pile non-step delivery
Overshoot sheet detector
Side guide register and double sheet detectors
Independent drive sheet slowdown before infeed
Pneumatically operated impression on/off
Emergency impression off
Triple size impression cylinders
Quadruple size transfer cylinders
Cam-closed grippers
Cylinder mounted pin register system
Quick action plate clamps
Quick blanket mount system
Non-marking material on transfer cylinders
Continuous dampening system
Remote ink and water roller on/off
Remote water feed control
Remote sequential proofing control
Production button
Delivery paper jam detector
Blow down fans in the delivery
Sheet counter
Total impression counter
Safety Monitor
TV monitor at the delivery to monitor the infeed/feedboard/feeder
Automatic pressurized lubrication
Delivery tables
Delivery racking boards
Delivery racking support corners
Assorted tools and various spare parts
Oil drip pan
Akiyama Color Control(ACC) = A2

In-line blanket coater with long delivery
Double or triple long deliveries
Extended frame with impression cylinder
Synchronous plate mounting system
Auto plate mounting system
Remote plate cocking system
Paper size pre-set system
Impression preset system
Automatic racking board inserter
Remote ink wash-up system
Feeder preloader devices
Auto centering for feeder
Board double sheet detector
Refrigerated water circulator
Powder spray unit
IR drying system
UV printing system
Temperature controlled inkers for UV or waterless printing
Static eliminator
Drive side workbench
Tape inserter
Register punch
Roller racks
Shadowless delivery grippers(standard on BCL)
Press raising kit
Demia plate scanner
Motorized optical register punch
Manual optical register punch
Ink agitators
Additional ink roller cores
Automatic blanket washer